Take a leap to a new simulator experience in the dredging world

By using breakthrough technology and combining experiences of dredge masters and trainers, our affordable and portable Simulator can be used to train (new) operators locally.  Targeting production improvement what results in saving fuel and time on the real job!

Deep knowledge of dredging

Profound knowledge of the dredging process, dredging equipment and an extensive network within the industry.

Realistic simulation

The simulator is renowned for its realism, replicating the dredging process as realistic as can be.


Usage of high-end maritimised hardware in combination with simulation software modules.


Programmable hardware results in smaller simulators and superior user friendliness.


By using standard hardware and in-house developed applications, the costs are kept to a minimum.

training operators

With this simulator operators learn to find the limits of the equipment and to maximize the performance. ​

The three parties jointly operate under the name “Dutch Dredging Simulators”. Each company has its specific expertise. MSA-Service is a well-known automation & control company supplying equipment for dredgers and offshore wind equipment. Controllab is specialized in the design of simulators for the offshore industry and has extensive knowledge of realistic simulation of machinery and drive systems. DE klop has the dredging equipment knowledge and experiences.

Go beyond anything you will ever experience.

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By using standard hardware, the costs are reduced. The software has been developed in-house. The result is a system that simulates all relevant aspects in detail. From start-up, to cutting the soil and pumping the sand-water mixture. The operator practices operations and learns how different conditions and settings influence the performance of the dredger.